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Merad is a highly regarded professional in the Toronto real estate industry, known for his exceptional work ethic, extensive knowledge, and distinctive negotiation skills. With a diverse background, he has established himself as a standout figure in Toronto’s Real Estate Market.

As an investor, Merad started his own business and later ventured into construction, specializing in building new residences in Toronto. His experience encompasses residential property construction, remodeling, renovations, property management, and short-term rentals. Having personally built numerous residential properties, he possesses valuable insights into home components, construction techniques, and associated costs. Additionally, his expertise in managing properties as short-term rentals further enhances his skill set.

Merad’s approach is centered around truly understanding each client’s unique story and objectives. He recognizes that navigating large transactions can be stressful, and thus provides an empathic real estate experience, offering expert advice and relaxed reassurance.

With an abundant sense of humor and an easygoing demeanor, Merad forges lasting client relationships that are both personal and productive. He remains dedicated to continuously updating his knowledge and staying aware of the latest developments in the real estate field.

Merad is proud to be associated with THE AGENCY Real Estate, a highly experienced brokerage renowned not only in Toronto but also globally. His mission is to help clients benefit from their real estate deals while fostering long-term relationships based on trust and honesty.


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To succeed in Toronto’s real estate market, you need a professional, experienced, and knowledgeable advisor.

Choosing the right one from among approximately 80,000 real estate agents can significantly impact the outcome of your efforts.

My extensive knowledge in all aspects of real estate, from buying and selling to building, renovation, and short-term rentals, can be a valuable guide for you.

For consultation on any questions or needs in the field of real estate, please contact me.

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